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Candace from Stockton

Name: Candace
Town: Stockton

I just joined the community, so I thought I'd say hi and tell ya about my Animal Crossing experince and what not. Okay, my characters name is Candace (which is my actual name). Right now, I'm wearing the Diner Uniform. I have the Modern Theme in my downstares and the Lovely Theme in my upstares. My basement is used for my collection of clothes and a toliet. My boyfriend, Sean, lives in my town and he has a combination of the Blue, Regal, and Kiddie Themes in his house. He just has one story. My friend, Sami, lives in my town as well and doesn't have a theme to her house. Sami's little sister, Carlee, lives there, too, and her house hasn't been worked on at all. My town's name is Stockton, which is the name of the city I live in. I'm not too imaginative... blah!
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