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So, How Was Your Day???

Anywho, MY DAY was fabulous, as Leah put it. Anywho, went to school just like any other day! Brian was advertising my site. YEAH! This other guy was, like, "I should just go to that site just because I have NOTHING better to do!" And I said, "YEAH! You should!" Anywho, I had a test in History. Ya know, STUDYING would of been a really great idea last night, but, of couse, I'm not one to have bright ideas, now am I? Nope... Let's see... In English, I talked to Josh again. I convinced him that he needed to give me a dollar! YEAH! He's funny, I suppose. I dunno, though, he's a SOPHMORE! Don't ask me WHAT I find wrong with Sophmores, but I don't feel as if I AM one. I'm a Freshmore! I have first lunch today... not as depressing as usual, I suppose. I ate lunch with Claire. Hmmm, there's just something about the sophmores at St. Mary's, though, that I don't like. Can't really put my finger on it, yet, though. Well, my mom met with all of my teachers after school. Brian and I went to the mall after school. FUN! We walked. I got Megan b-day gifts. Can't say what I got her, because I'm pretty sure she reads my journal. Er, Brian bought my fries and a drink. Mmmmm! When we were waiting for my mom to pick us up in Barnes 'N Nobles, we saw Katie come in. We just stared at her as she passed us by... well, she didn't even notice us. :P I decided that she hated us. HAHA! Anywho, when I got home, I ate some ice cream, did some homework, STUDIED for my Science test tomorrow, and, well, here I am! My mommy is gonna make me Macaroni and Cheese for dinner tonight. Jeez, it's great! Everyone is SO nice to me lately, just because of what happened the other day. It's nice! :D Well, I've got some other stuff to do online, so, uh, BYE!
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