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Made This Survey Up Myself! TAKE IT! (I don't have any answers, because the reason for making it was for you guys!)

1) You're a, as you call yourself, #1 Anime/Manga fan. You have all the movies, the manga, a website, all the merchandise literally possible, fan-fic writing, and you draw the art. You're drawing the art during one of your classes in school and a person in your class says this to you, "Why are you drawing that? Sailor Moon is the lamest cartoon I've ever seen!" You're clearly drawing a picture of Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop, and they've obviously never seen the Sub version of Sailor Moon, you think to yourself. So, what do you say to them???

2) (okay, well, obviously if you're over 18 just imagine what this scenario if you were, say, 15) Laying around the house, bored as hell, and no one else is around, you decide to watch one of your many anime videos. You choose Ranma 1/2 and pop it into the VCR/DVD player and begin to watch. Just as Ranma loses her top, your parents, who haven't seen this part of these "childish cartoons" walk in through the front door. How do you explain (or do they even care)?

3) You're on the menu screen of a DVD player and you're asked to choose Japanese or English. Which one do you choose and why?

4) American cartoons are obviously, at least most of them, thought of as childish things, but in Japan it's for all ages. But, it seems, that when this Anime comes to America people still consider it in the same genre "without" even watching it. Why do you think the reason for this is?

5) Why is it that it seems that every Anime/Manga fan is obsessed?

6) You've got a choice; go to the book store (manga) or the video store (anime). Where would you rather go and why?

7) You're so happy! The Anime that you've liked for years now in Japanese is finally going to be played on Adult Swim/Toonami. Then you watch it and realize that the dub is awful. Or, at least you "think" that the dub sucks; or maybe it's just different. Do you believe that people actual hate the dub because of bad acting or it just sounds different then the original Japanese voices?

8) At Suncoast (or whatever your local video store is) you have a decision to make between the following "new releases:" Armitage - Dual-Matrix & Escaflowne: The Movie. Which one do you choose and why?

9) Maybe you're one of them, but do you think that it is wrong for a, persay, fifty year old man that likes Anime obessivly to attend a convention dressed up, or is it normal?

10) It took years for the third, and then fourth, season of Sailor Moon to, finally, come to America. It's been about two years since then and, you're thinking, I want to see the fifth season. Do you think it ever will come and, if it does, what kind of changes do you think will be made?

11) He/she's cute, he/she's adorable, he/she's sexy, he/she's to die for, he/she's... anime...? What are your opinions on this topic?

12) Tell me the truth, have you ever had a dream that you were an anime character? If so, who were you and what was going on?

13) Ah, Tenchi Masaki. Surrounded by many wonderful and sexy girls; yet he refuses. Maybe it's only me thinking here, but do you think he might be gay, or am I the only that is thinking this sometimes?

14) Quick! Someone has just put you on the spot to explain why Anime is "the best." What would you say?

15) You don't speak a bit of Japanese (only understanding simple phrases like "nani?" and "konichiwa!"), but you find the video/manga that you've been searching for completely in japanese (for videos, no subs). Would you still buy it, or would you risk not buying it and never seeing it again?

16) Hentai. Your thoughts?

17) What's your favorite Anime/Manga and what makes it sooooooo special?

18) OMG! You've just heard that Peach Girl is going to become an Anime. But, then you think about some other "mistakes" (Battle Angel, Video Girl Ai) about Manga turned Anime stories that turned out horrible. Sure they were good, but didn't live up to the original plan of the Manga in the end. You love the story of Peach Girl and would hate for it to be butchered! Say it was all up to your yes or no to seal this deal, what would you say? (oh, and, peach girl is not actually becoming an anime... this is just a for instense!)

19) ::shudders:: The animation! It's awful! It's awful! It's AWFUL! If the animation is just so bad it's unsightly, explain the reason why you're continueing to watch this anime.

20) You freakishly know all there is to anime and it seems that's all there to talk about in your world. Your room is covered with posters of big eyes staring back at you it's hard to sleep, you've got a million websites and one of them is all about one anime/manga character you think is "sexy," your animals are all named after anime/manga characters, you can't get this japanese song out of your head even though you don't know what the hell it's talking about, everyday you seem to be sporting some sort of anime merchandise on you, and, yet, you have a friend who can't stand the shit, won't give it a chance either, they can't understand your obsession whatsoever, not too mention they think it's unhealthy. Now, be this friend and be the outsider looking in. "Does this seem unhealthy?"

BONUS! :P Do you have any of the friends as described above that you've turned into liking anime?
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